Finished with treatments!

I have finished the treatments!  The next to the last day I started feeling sick.  By the afternoon I started diarrhea that would not stop until the next day. I was afraid I wouldn't get to my last radiation but I did.  Now I'm reluctant to make the drive home because it takes about 4 hours.  

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Kim threw a punch at your cancer.
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Congratulations Jeanie - so happy for you! Now time for the healing to begin. You can take Imodium for the drive - I took it whenever my diarrhea got bad. Happy Birthday Week to you too - what a wonderful event to celebrate this week!🎉
Congratulations, Jeanie! You did it!
Great going! My advice is to take your time with everything (including the drive home) because you need to give yourself a break. Good luck!
All done, brilliant job! Now to start thr healing process. Imodium is good for diarrhea, so take it. Hang in there!
Congratulations. I hope you have made it home by now. You have the hardest time behind you. Good luck and hope you healing is smooth and speedy.
Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you!
Hang in there! Agree with Julie, take some Imodium before you start the drive. And then get ready to celebrate your birthday!
Congratulations on being done with treatment! You may have a few more rough days, but at least now you don't have to get to treatment every day. Julie's suggestion of Imodium is a good one. I hope it can give you some relief and that you are able to get home okay. Home is the best place to recover. I see you also have a birthday coming up, so I hope you are feeling good by then. Happy Birthday! I wish you all the very best and a safe trip back to San Antonio.
Yay, all done!!! That's so great. Things will soon be better.
Congrats on completion! U did it!
Congrats Jeanie!! Time the drive and Happy Birthday 🎁🎂🎈
Jeanie, I am one year out. I got sickest after my second round of chemo (5FU and mytomicin) and even ended up in the hospital. Horrid diarrhea, delirium. They thought it might be a bowel obstruction, but discharged me (after 8 miserable days) with a diagnosis of "neutropenic fever." Fortunately, I was able to ocmplete the remaining week of radiation, after a period of no appetite, weakness and exhaustion, I'm happy to say that I am 95% back to my old self (except for the - ahem - bowel urgency). So hang in there and make sure you have people to take care of you because I truly do not know what I would have done without some constant caregiving. You will survive!

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What an ordeal. I'm glad you got through it!
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