week 5 day 2

I have been doing fairly well with my treatments.  Nausea and diarrhea and feeling yucky have been the issues so far.  I feel pretty good after Cisplatin infusion on Mondays.  I suspect it is the before and after hydration with magnesium and potassium that helps me feel better.  I'm also taking Xeloda orally during the week days as a replacement for 5-FU (MD Anderson didn't like the short catheter that was inserted outside their facility). 

However, the radiation burns have become a problem for me now.  The vaginal area is very sore and burns like crazy when touched by urine.  Both the vaginal area and bottom are bleeding when touched.  My radiation oncologist only wants Aquaphor Advanced Therapy applied to these areas until radiation is completed (9 more).  Any suggestions?

Jill, Kim sent you a hug.
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Keep the area really coated up at all times...make sure its clean for radiation and then coat right back up! I had unbelievable pain with urination...lots of water to keep it diluted as possible and try and go with water on it? even in the tub or shower or with a squirt bottle of water while urinating try flooding it with water. I wont sugar coat it--it gets worse before it gets better, but about 2 weeks after treatment ends most people turn the corner and start to feel better. Hang in there--you can do this!!
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Thank you
Coconut oil mixed with essential oils. Frankincense, sandalwood, and lavender. Worked magic for me
Oh no. Hang in there sweetie. Hopefully someone on here has some good advice.
Will they allow you to use a product with Lidocaine? It worked wonders for me during treatment because it numbs the area. I used over the counter Recticare, but there are other forms of Rx lidocaine. Sounds like you’re doing pretty well though. Is your treatment six weeks or longer? In any case you’re on your way!
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I used Lidocaine jelly 2%, given to me by rad oncologist. Also I got a Rx for RadioplexRx Gel, which I call the Miracle Cream. My husband got a bad chemical burn on his arm, and it was healed in 2 days. Please Google it and show your doc, it is FOR radiation burns! BTW, my nurses also liked Aquaphor, but I never used it, because to me it felt greasy and it must be removed before radiation. Supposedly you can radiate thru Radioplex but I always got in the bath before. I was also given Silvadene, mixed with viscous Lidocaine, it prevents infection, and the Lidocaine stops the pain. You can urinate in the sitz bath, tub, or simply use an empty bottle from dish washing liquid, and spray every time you have to go. I'm sorry you are hurting, no one understands like we do!
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Silvadene contains silver which intensifies the radiation. My doctor said he will give it to me after treatments finish.
True. Mine gave it to me anyway, but I was cautioned to ensure everything was off before treatment. So I took a 45 min bath.
I had to urinate in the site bath. It helped so much. Then I just washed up after.
in the last 2 weeks or so the nurses gave me Aquaphor mixed with lidocaine. I used a sitz bath several times a day and before bed. I lay in the tub for a while. Nurses also gave me domeboro soaks.
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I kept a spray bottle of water next to the toilet. Spray continuously while urinating. Helped dilute the urine.
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I used sitz bath, which is essentially water flowing during urination and bowl movements. I had lydocaine prescribed as well.
So sorry you are in pain with the burns. Urinate in the shower or tub with water on the area. Hang in there, you can get to the finish line!
Happy birthday week. Hope you are healing well.
Happy upcoming birthday Jeanie! I hope things have improved since your last post.
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