MD Anderson

Has anyone out there had treatment at MD Anderson for anal squamous cell carcinoma?

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Went there for a second opinion. They said that my own oncology center could administer the treatment and I was very glad, as it meant I could be at home, even keep working as long as I could, rather than sitting in a room waiting for my treatment with nothing much else to do! Those who needed specialised care had very good help from sure you will hear from them!
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I think there are several members here who had treatment at MDA. Hopefully, you'll hear from them. In the meantime, welcome, although I'm sorry you have a reason to be here. I wish you all the very best as you get your treatment plan in order.
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There are a couple of people here that were treated for anal cancer. They shared some excellent Info. Hopefully you will hear from them
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I haven’t been there because I’m not from USA. But I would highly recommend you choose a centre where they know about that cancer. Some still operate first hand, which isn’t the standard procedure because of the nature of the cell. My oncologist went farther down the road in studying the hystology of the cell. For a grade 4 like me, it made a life difference. Good luck! You’re not alone, we’re here.
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