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hair loss

I am almost 7 months out from treatment of Cisplatin, 5FU and radiation.  I have not noticed hair loss until the last month when my hair has thinned.  Has anyone else experienced this so long after treatment?  How long does it take to grow back?

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I started to have a hair loss may be within one month, after my first round of chemo. And they grew back pretty quickly. I used Minoxidil for better growth. I am wondering if your hair thinning is not related to chemo. Have you checked your vitamins level? It may have a different reason.
That's what I am wondering. I take vitamins but maybe they aren't being absorbed.
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Mine continues to thin. I am 4 1/2 years out of treatment
Does the doctor think it is a result of treatment?
I have always had thin hair, so fortunately I did not lose any more (except in the bikini area!) Worth having a check for vitamin/mineral levels....
I haven't asked. I'm sure some of it is treatment and some of it is because I am in my fifties. I guess the reason doesn't really matter to me. I just try to combat it with healthy diet
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Mine all fell out within 2 weeks of treatment, grew back after 8 months. Since then no fallout, so can’t speculate on your situation. Good luck!
I've noticed hair thinning on head, but just a slow losing throughout this whole process. Not a big change.
Mine started to fall out a lot about 3 months after the end of treatment, and kept falling out for about 6 months. But, short stuff started appearing about 3 months before the end of the fall out, so by the time "the survivors" stopped falling; the babies, were about 1.5 inches long. "The survivors" were weak though for a long time; so I didn't want to use color or perms or anything that made it drier.
About a year and half out of treatment I started to see the volume.
I hope you are at peace with it, or have some plans of how to handle this.
Thank you
I experienced hair loss during treatment, which continued for a month or so after treatment ended. Finally, I began to notice new growth. It took about 6 months from that point to finally have a full head of hair again.
Wow so bizarre..I didnt lose hair so really can't comment.
Maybe u can find a supplement that will help with this.
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Good news

I am 2-1/2 months post treatment.  I went back to MD Anderson for CT scan, blood work, and proctosigmoidoscope as well as followup with all the doctors.  My tumor is completely gone!  A lesion on my kidney that was seen on my first CT scan has grown in the last 4 months months to 1.7 cm.  I was sent to a genitourinary specialist who told me I could have the lesion removed by ablation because the size is still so small.  It will be biopsied first then ablated.  I am so glad this was found early!  I won't know until the biopsy results if the lesion is cancer or benign. Also, the sigmoid colon is thickened and discolored for some reason so biopsies were taken from that area.  No suggestions about the reason for this develpment.  Again, I'll be waiting for biopsy results.  Has anyone else had experience such as this?

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My specialists are against probing the area after administration of the protocol. They say, leave it alone.
... if you have SCC.
So happy for good news. I am short of 2 mos. Post treatment and scheduled for PET scan tomorrow but really don't want to go. Good thing u are on top of new developments.
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Sounds like some good news for you, but still something hanging over your head - darn! It’s my understanding that radiation changes go on for 6 months after treatment ends, so hopefully in another 4 months everything will be back to normal for you!
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After radiation nothing is normal again. I would give it a little more time to heal
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I have nephritis associated with SLE. You will need to be awake for your kidney biopsy because you have to work with them (the kidneys float so they will tell you when to hold your breath). Don't be alarmed if they need to stick you more than once. They had to stick me 3 times because some of us just have a tougher outer skin on our kidneys. It won't hurt, they will give you Valium and numb you up. You will need to stay overnight and not get out of bed, so.....bedpan. I had tonsil ca and I have thickening and discoloration on that left side from surgery and RADIATION! It's a life saver but exacts changes. My guess is you have "normal" scar tissue. God bless your kidney biopsy -and NO lifting stuff!
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So glad to hear your tumor is gone! I hope the other concerns turn out to be benign. I am sending prayers and good thoughts your way!
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